The Studio By Si Fashion

Since 1989, the roots of our business have been based on exceptional quality, authentic design and deep-rooted expertise in our craft. Over the years our craft has expanded from designing, sourcing and producing quality fabrics to also manufacturing and creating finished garments as well. Our attention to detail and commitment to our word has built a strong foundation of trust from the industry.
The opportunity to act as a key production and sourcing partner for multiple brands, both regionally and internationally, whilst they focus on developing their brand identity and design has been extremely rewarding. Although our vision to act as a platform to assist regional talent in developing their brands from concept to reality is our core purpose behind the foundation of The Studio by Si Fashion


Design Consultacy and Sampling

From fabrics to ready made garments, our expertise in understanding the regions desires coupled with the commercial understanding of creating viable products for end-customers is unrivalled. Our experienced team are dedicated to understanding the concept of your brand and vision and translate it into sketches, mood boards and ready samples upon your availability.

  • In house dedicated sampling workshop.
  • Mood board and concept creation.
  • 24 hour turnaround times.
  • Regional insights and expertise.
  • Brand positioning consultancy.
  • Pricing analysis and architecture.
  • End to End Services.

Private Label and Manufacturing

With a in-depth understanding of the attention to detail that goes into designing and sourcing, we focus on developing creative partnerships and serve businesses that care about quality and efficiency. Our sourcing services span across segments like apparel, accessories, handbags, and footwear from Asia to Europe. While maintaining low costs in manufacturing, we keep stringent quality control protocols to ensure high production quality.

  • Partner factories with dedicated production lines.
  • Improvement of overall return.
  • We source all categories of garments.
  • We have developed many partnerships outside of our core competency.
  • We offer the opportunity to manage your production through in-house and outside facilities.
  • Structured lead times and deliverables.
  • Flexible MOQ’s.

Fabric Sourcing and Distribution

We design and source fabrics that set trends across the region and are dedicated to delivering quality products that meet the needs and demands of the diverse customer base of our retailers.

  • A large and vibrant range of exceptional quality fabrics such as silks, cottons, acetates, embroideries, laces, polyesters, jacquards, chiffons, organza’s and so much more.
  • Available Inventory of Fabrics for over 10,000 SKUs.
  • Sole creator and exclusive distributor of various authentic fabric qualities.
  • Sourcing network for various fabric qualities that spans across 40 countries.
  • Fabric sourcing, development and creation services.
  • Fast and efficient processing of goods and shipments.