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Si Fashion Galerie

Launched in 2008, Si Fashion Galerie FZ CO. LLC is a multi-dimensional and refreshingly unique fashion house that’s based in the heart of creative design and innovation, Dubai Design District. Conceptualized and founded by RVS Group conglomerate, Si Fashion naturally gravitated towards the finest form of couture. It represents the fusion of fashion and social needs with the arts of dress making, tailoring, and skilled crafts. The idea was to source out dynamic and idealistic talents from various parts of the world, who could create custom dresses for women who value style and versatility at an affordable price. However, it keeps getting better. We offer a mixture of trendy, sophisticated and contemporary ready-to-wear dresses that fit all budgets while maintaining quality as well as a haven of exquisite bridal embroideries and laces, and an endless array of plush textiles. 
Whether you are in search of a custom dress or you want to browse our ready-to-wear collections, Si Fashion Galerie FZ CO. LLC is committed to making women feel and look sensationalistic. The fabric of our culture is to provide creative, innovative products and fashion solutions that deliver high quality and values. In doing so, we strive to help support emerging talent such as designers, artists, and creative individuals as well as collaborative ventures to pave the way for a unified creative community.

What we do?

Haute Couture

With the opulent ring of exclusivity that surrounds it, the goal of couture is to create unique silhouettes that set women apart from the rest of the fashion set. Envision a paragon of the most beautiful garments, which can be brought to life by our exceptional in-house designers and artisans. At Si Fashion Galerie, we can create unique and custom dresses on request that meet all your specific demands.

Teppanyaki Couture

Teppanyaki Couture is the first of its kind, a unique service specifically designed to meet the needs of women on the go who crave urgent authenticity. Using the finest fabrics and the talents of our skilful team, we can create the dress you desire within a few hours. Customers are welcome to sit, relax and enjoy the artisanal show as their vision comes to life.​

Ready to Wear

At Si Fashion Galerie, we offer our customers affordable couture, a contemporary twist to the industry standards. We carry a variety of ready- to-wear dresses which have been sourced from the fashion capitals of the world, along with our own exclusive designs. By giving our customer the same quality, service, and experience as any other French or Italian couture house, we pride ourselves on our exquisite collection and our impeccable service. At an affordable price, we strive to provide our customers with the ultimate shopping experience. We always display a wide assortment of dresses, which come from a diverse brand mix that cater to the needs of not just one type of customer.​​


With nearly 30 years of experience in the textile business, Si Fashion Galerie is home to a myriad of luxurious fabrics and embroideries available in thousands of sophisticated styles, patterns and colors allowing us to showcase the largest collection of couture fabrics in the world. Our customers are spoilt for choice with unique patterns curated by in-house designers as well as international designers from the fabric and textile hubs of the world such as France, London, Turkey, Italy, and much more.​​​

Our Brands